Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Sheningans!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday night was spent catching up with my grandparents and parents after their latest 10 day cruise adventure.  Seriously, the four of them have been on more cruises than should be legal in one year.  They didn't get a pic of the four of them together, but that didn't mean they didn't have fun sailing from NYC to Houston with a Halloween Party and several beaches along the way!

My grandparents with a pirate friend?!?

 Saturday morning I went with my precious friend Kaitlin to Buddy Walk in downtown.  We were honoring and celebrating her amazing Secondborn and his first birthday.  More pics will be coming separately, but it was truly a fun time, and it was a joy to see all the support Houston has for that extra chromosome!  Here's one photo just for kicks of one awesome stroller-pusher!  That's just how we roll at Buddy Walk!

Saturday night was spent with some super silly, very awesome teens packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Sunday was, as always, full of worship and music.  Christmas concerts start in less than a month, so rehearsals are officially hard-core and crazy from here on out.  We can't have music sounding like camels in casts or angels with bronchitis or nightmares from the crypt for Baby Jesus.  hehehe.  There are moments y'all, there are moments....

I also had to go pant shopping because *someone* forgot to clean out his pockets before I washed pants and left a blue ink pen in them.  It is not, nor ever shall it be, my job to be his mother.  Ahem.  Ladies, teach your sweet precious little boys to clean out their pockets and to put their clothes in the hamper.  Their future wives will love you forever and grant you many favors if you do, I promise.  If you don't, well, wrath upon you!  Ok, that's not the rant though.  Why, oh why, do all clothing makers have to insist that all women look good in skinny legged pants, and that if you don't, you aren't worthy of pants?!  We must have the pants!  I despise those skinny pants with a passion.  Nasty and hideous are words that pop to mind.  And 'curvy skinny' is just an oxymoron that just shouldn't exist.  Blah.  I finally found some 'online exclusives' that are cute, stylish, and will be by Thursday.  Yay!

What do you do this weekend?

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