Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Fall Retreat

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend was amazing!  Isaac and I chaperoned the UBC Engage Retreat for the youth group.  We went straight from work on Friday to UBC to load the bus with 100 teens and a few other adults to head up to Forest Glen in the Sam Houston National Forest.  The weather cooperated beautifully and was cool, crisp, and sunny the entire weekend!  The Gladsome Light and Kyle's friend Shawn lead the worship and teaching for the weekend.  I think I might have been looking forward to this weekend more than the kids!

Forest Glen is beautiful, and the 'cabin' was two floors of separated dorm rooms.  The camp surrounds a little lake, and since it's in a real forest, trees are everywhere!  We watched leaves fall from their might branches as the breeze caught them time and again.  It was such a treat!

The weekend was full of worship and teaching, but it was also full of being outside nearly non-stop!  I haven't had time to enjoy the outdoors for such a stretch of time in ages!  We hiked, played a twisted volleyball game called Nuke 'Em, a ball game called Ga-Ga ball, worked on archery skills, shot BB guns, and canoed.  Teens are so much fun when they're in their element and just getting to play!  Oh, and watch out for the competitiveness!  Gracious!  We also got to zip-line, which I love doing.

 My favorite part was probably being with all the kids at the camp fire Saturday night.  We made s'mores and hung out.  Someone forgot hangers, so we all had to hunt for our own sticks.  The teens thought they needed to char the tips to sterilize them before roasting their marshmallows.  Too funny!

Shawn spent our teaching sessions sharing how God has dreams for us.  He's had a dream since the beginning of creation, and His dream is more than just knowing who Jesus is but becoming His follower and disciple.  He did a great job.  I was encouraged and was given a lot to think about as I'm praying over some dreams I think God might be calling me to.  :)

So thankful to be a part of this weekend!

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