Thursday, November 21, 2013

Josh Groban Concert

Last Tuesday, Mom, Nanny, Dede, and I went to Toyota Center for the Josh Groban concert.  We met up with our friends David and Melody and enjoyed our 13th row seats and the benefits of that go with them!  Nanny and Dede have seen Josh perform several times over the years in various cities.  Mom and I saw him in the Woodlands in 2004 when he was just 23 years old.  That seems so long ago!  It was a hoot to see how Josh has grown not only into his larger than life voice but also his personality.  He had the crowd in stitches with his jokes about learning how to fly planes, marriage, and what he was like as a gangly teen learning to juggle life and fame.  Judith Hill from The Voice was Josh’s opening act, and she was phenomenal.  She sang a few duets with Josh later on in the evening as well.  

Isaac missed out, but he claims he can’t stand Josh.  I just think he’s jealous that the running joke in the family was that Josh was always second on my list of husband choices, always behind whoever I actually married of course!  J

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