Saturday, November 30, 2013

November BarkBox

Last month we canceled our BarkBox to save money during the government shutdown, so the fur babies were extra excited to get their box this month!

Petsafe Pogo Plush Slap Happy  $14.99  This toy has a sheep-skin like cover that has a hidden rib-cage like inner frame with a squeaker.  They claim this toy encourages tugging and tossing.  I suppose that claim is correct.  Aggie Belle had this toy torn to piece in less than 5 minutes.  Mommy isn't impressed with this one.

Vanilla Mint Twistix: $2.99 These wheat and corn free dental trees help freshen puppy breath and clean teeth.  And, the dogs love them!  Score!

Bocces's Bakery Truffle Mac and Cheese: $9.50 These organic, local ingredient biscuits were a perfect treat to give over Thanksgiving when the kitchen was full of awesome smells that kept the puppies begging for handouts.  A little expensive for us to want to buy on our own, but yum, yum!

Nootie YumZies Duck and Sweet Potato Treats: $15.50  These long treats allow Mom and Dad to decide how much Puppy gets at a time.  That's perfect for our Little and Big!  They both love anything with duck, and they are allergy friendly for Bailey!

Aggie Belle and Bailey were so stoked to get a BarkBox again!  This box is valued at $42.98, much more than the $19 we pay a month.  Awesome deal!

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