Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that no matter how long or short I am away from my dogs, they are beyond thrilled to see me.  Picking them up yesterday from my parents made leaving Colorado bearable.  They love my parents, but they weren't even going to think about spending one more night at the Pearland Resort once they saw Mommy.  I had one dog on my feet and one in my armpit in bed Monday night.  As grand as Colorado is, that was better.  Maybe someday I can combine the two.

I love how cool, crisp, majestic, and glorious Colorado is every time I visit.  Someday, when I have a hard drive that's not broken and a computer that will read a memory card, I will probably write some posts about all of the fun we had, but for now, words are all I have.  I can't even view my pictures, my hard drive is so messed up.  I've begged for a new one for weeks, but still no luck.  That means no Christmas pictures for anyone this year if I don't get a new hard drive before then.  Sad day, especially since I have some incredibly pictures of climbing to a waterfall, an adorable horse, views from riding up two different messas, a cave, and a few bits of snow!

Back to Colorado: I loved spending 4 days mostly outside, never sweating, never wondering if my deodorant was working, never having bad hair due to humidity, and seeing new scenery around ever turn. And dogs get to go almost everywhere. Vail is dead this time of year, so it was right up my no-crowd alley.  Not to mention that the Vail Cascade Resort is just as grand as the website makes it seem.  No false advertising on their end.  Wow, wow, wow!! 

I love that, after today, there are only 7 more school days until Thanksgiving break.

I love that the campaigning is finally over for 2012.  I had no idea just how special it is to live in state that always swings one particular way in national elections.  I haven't seen hardly any presidential campaign commercials this year until the trip to Colorado.  Every other commercial, and sometimes every commercial was about some candidate or another.  Oh. My. Word.  Insanity.

I do love that no matter how heated the arguments, or how bummed a person might be about the election outcome, we always have a peaceful transition of power from one government to the next.  I heard people complaining about standing in line for more than 20 minutes to vote the past two weeks (Texas has early voting, which is another major love!), and it made me cringe.  I couldn't help but think of the Sudanese elections to split the nation in two, or the first recent democratic elections in Iraq not so very long ago and how far and long people WALKED just to be able to make their opinion count.  Thank You, Lord, for what this nation is able to do every four years, regardless of the political party that ends up in control!

I'm loving my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Lisa said...

I agree about living in a state that swings a particular way. It is special! I just opened a shop on Etsy and Facebook. I would love it if you checked out my things or "liked" me! or

Amy Powell said...

oh man, Thanksgiving is so close! and I can't wait!! and you've made me want to go back to Colorado... hopefully soon :)

xoxo, Amy

I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

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