Saturday, November 10, 2012


They did it!  The Aggies stopped #1 Bama with a game like non other, never letting the Tide flow even once.  Gig 'em!  Holy cow!  I had to suffice with Sports Center on my phone for the first half while I was at TAHG training, but I made it home in time to watch Maroon and Crimson dance quarters 3 and 4.  Johnny, you won my heart tonight!  The third quarter had me screaming so much with frustration at dumb moves to make Bailey run from my lap to the quietness of my bedroom, but the fourth quarter was one glory play after another.  Three interceptions were enough to seal the deal, even with missed points at various times.  Oh, Aggies, you made my day!  To stop an undefeated team's streak and to never let them even have the lead if quiet a feat.  I am so proud of my school and their entrance into the SEC.  I'm also a bit jealous that my dad and brother were there.  Ok, I'm A LOT jealous. :)  Gig 'em, Ags!

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