Monday, November 19, 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense

This is day 6 of war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.  For a full understanding of Hamas, I highly, highly recommend the book Son of Hamas.  I cringe anytime I read or see about nations at war.  It breaks my heart to know that innocent lives on both sides are at stake.  I hate thinking of terrified children, their lives interrupted by bomb raid sirens and lack of supplies.  Yet, I also know what both the Old Testament and the New Testament say about Israel.  I know that no matter how hard any one tries, Israel will not be destroyed.  In fact, in times yet to come, God will destroy all those who try to destroy His holy city and His chosen people.  That bring hope, even in the face of instigated war by unbelievers.  As America joins with family and friends this week to celebrate our bounty, remember Israel.  Pray for peace, and pray for God's mighty will to be made known so innocent lives are not taken.  For more details than I can easily give, I suggest frequenting Joel Rosenberg's blog.

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