Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

There are SO many things I'm loving this week!

As of this past Saturday, our sweet Aggie Belle has been an official member of our family for a whole year.  She's grown up, is so cuddly-even at 60 pounds, and she adores the ground we walk on.  It doesn't get better than that!

I love that the University of Kentucky won their 8th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Title Monday night!  This was so very exciting for my family, though the greatest game might have been when we smoked University of Louisville on Saturday.  What my family will do next year when A&M is in the SEC and we occasionally meet up UK is still up for debate, but we're just going to soak in this bliss while we can!  BIG BLUE NATION!

The Palm Sunday concert Sunday night at our church: Our choir and orchestra combined with Clear Lake United Methodist's choir and orchestra for a night of celebrating redemption.  It was a beautiful service of hymns.  I wish I could put the recording on here. There were about 160 singers, 35 instrumentalists, and one incredible pianist. Unbelievable worship!

My grandparents came to the concert: When I was a kid, I'd call Nanny and Dede to tell them a recital or concert date, and they'd buy a plane ticket and be here.  Sometimes I'd find out two weeks in advance my mom hadn't told them when I thought she had, and I'd call crying, and they'd still make it here.  I love that my Jesus gave my brother and me such awesome grandparents.  I love that they will STILL come to my concerts (and now, often times Isaac's concerts), even though we're much closer to being 30 than we are to our teenage years.  Yes, it helps that they live 20 minutes away now instead of 15 hours, but I still don't think the distance would have changed much.

I love Holy Week.  I love having one week of the year where we have a fairly clear picture of exactly what was happening in Christ's life.  We know he taught for 3 years, but the daily details aren't chronicled for us.  We know facts about his childhood, but not details.  Holy Week is one time we know exactly how Jesus entered into Jerusalem.  We know exactly what He did with the disciples that week.  We know about Thursday night and Friday's events.  We know about the empty tomb.  I LOVE IT!

ABC's MISSING.  I am HOOKED.  Yes, Ashley Judd is an awesome actress (if nothing else, she's a UK grad, and we'll forgive her political leanings), but the plot is even better.  I love those fast paced, keep me on my toes movies, and this is even better because it doesn't end after two hours.  I'm at rehearsal Wednesday nights and I baby sit on Thursdays, but is my new best friend to play catch up with Missing.  The show is filmed on location, so there is plenty of European scenery to feast on too.  The bad news is that, if I understand it right, there are only 3 more episodes for this season.  SAD!

I love that I got to meet Miss Evie last night.  I took dinner to the Whistlers and was able to cuddle Evie for a whole hour.  She is a DOLL, and I am in love.  Evie is a strong, touchable reminder to me of God's knowledge of the desires of our hearts.  I get chills seeing her and knowing how amazing our God is.  I'm beyond thrilled for the Whistlers.
Borrowed from Shelley's blog...hope you don't mind!
What are you loving this week?

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Sugarr2518 said...

Your Aggie Bell is adorable! I love those blue eyes:) I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Kayla said...

Stopping in from the link up!

LOVE YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!!

Kerry said...

I don't know which is the cutest - the dog or the baby. They are both adorable.

Shelley said...

Evie loved your visit! Thanks for cuddling her and showering her with sweetness. See you again soon!

Sarah said...

Your dog is GORGEOUS! Those blue eyes are to die for! And the baby? Too cute. Too much cuteness on a blog for one day :)

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