Thursday, April 19, 2012

Matt's 50th Birthday Mutiny

Yesterday was our music minister Matt Marsh's 50th birthday.  We totally fooled him by acting like we were rehearsing in our normal fashion last night.  After a couple of songs, our fearless leader Jim stood up and started complaining loudly how Matt never lets him have a solo, makes him work countless hours unpaid for keep music filed, marked, etc, and how he wasn't putting up with it anymore.  One of the sound guys qued the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean as we all began shouting, "Mutiny" and "Walk the plank!".  Someone brought up a pirate costume of sorts as many of us pulled out eye patches, hats, and swords.
Matt and Trudy getting taken off for the trial by Jim.

Our director and his wife were marched upstairs to the Black Pearl (the Great Room) so the trial could begin.  We all filled plates with fabulous pirate fare and sat down to hear the witnesses give their testimony.  Folks had sent in videos and many old friends came to properly roast Matt.  Matt has no problem telling anyone that he has ADD and is a truly creative soul.  He's also incredibly spontaneous, so there were more stories to tell than could fit into a 2 hour trial.  Many of the stories I had heard or even been a part of.  I love being in the same church for more than 14 years now.  It's truly home and family!  We laughed til our sides hurt as stories from his musical days at Harden Simmons were told, pranks involving real and fake snakes were shared, and escapades from old mission trips were rehashed.  In the end, we opted for Matt to receive the pirate treasure instead of the plank, so he went home with a brand new gun safe.  I'm jealous.
Calling for a verdict.
The decor was absolutely incredible.  Several folks spent many hours turning much of the 2nd floor of our church into a port and ship.  I kept telling myself I needed to snap a photo of such and such, and then got home and realized I had very few pictures.  I was having too much fun talking and laughing to remember to snap away.  Oh well. 
Hand made chandeliers to look like a pirate ship

Warning sign in the port.

Part of the port.  There were also crates with oranges, apples, and other produce.

Happy birthday, Matt!  Don't leave us just because we mutinied!

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