Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Very Sad Horse Visit

Every time we go to Ohio, we visit Isaac's former teacher, Steve, to catch up and love on his horses.  The dogs Raven and Jack usually make sure we visit them too.  This year was a sad trip because my favorite of the horses, in actuality a Shetland pony, had been put down just a few days before our visit due to irreparable Founders .  Hotrod was my buddy, and just the cheekiest of equines.  You can read more about Hotrod here. Needless to say, I was crushed upon this news.  Major and Dolly, the big guys on the farm, were pretty crushed too.  The day before our visit, they'd been found in the back pasture (where I've never seen them go) and both stood on either side of Hotrod's grave.  Yep, even animals mourn.  They were in such a depressed state they wouldn't even come out of the barn for carrots.  Now, they did eat our carrots, but we had to come to them.  So much for play time this visit.  I miss my little buddy.
Major and Dolly not wanting to be social.

Finally coaxed Dolly into a mini rubdown.

Hotrod opening my zipper pocket Dec '10
Brush down and comb out with Hotrod Spring of '10.
Munching apples Dec '09

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