Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Was Only 7 Days....

...but it seemed like a month. Isaac's grandpa died last Saturday morning in Michigan, and the past week has been a roller coaster.  We've gone from grief to celebration as we've bounced between death and birthdays.  The flu hit hard as we kept moving back and forth across Michigan visiting family members.  As always, God has been ever present, guiding and strengthening.  I need to write about it all.  I will write about it all.  But for now, we're finally about to board the first of two airplanes to finally get home after this seemingly endless week.  We're exhausted and not sure which emotional state we're supposed to be in, and I am still suffering from a few flu symptoms.  The thought of two sweet puppies waiting for us is thrilling!  If you would, please say prayers this coming week for my little family as we settle back into our routines.  We both have no idea what we'll find when we return from a week away from work-always a daunting thought. 

Here's the list of posts from Michigan as I write them and back-post them:

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