Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gorgeous, Beautiful Snow

Sunday was a gorgeously, cloudy, cold day in Grand Rapids.  Grandpa's family was still in shock, and funeral plans couldn't be made til Monday, so we were on our own for the day.  Isaac, Jacob, and I spent the week in Grand Haven, about 40 minutes from Grand Rapids, with the boys' aunt Hellen and her husband Dave.  Hellen's son is Jason, our third stooge, so he was with us when he didn't have to be at work on the other side of the state. 

The morning made me aware of just how much water surrounds Grand Haven.  The river is on one side, lots of small lakes are scattered around, and Lake Michigan is on another side.  The other amazing thing is the sand dunes!  Sand is all over the place.  It's like Florida, but taller dunes several stories into the air.  Amazing!  On this particular day, the dunes were covered in snow.  Snow and sand together?  Count me in!

Hellen and Dave wanted to drive us 'kids' around to see some of the places they all used to go as kids.  I'm a bit jealous I never got to play in these places when I was little.  Sliding down dunes sounds fantastic!  The area was absolutely breathtaking with all of the snow.  The waves of Lake Michigan are beginning to freeze in jagged patterns along the shore, so we 'walked' out onto the lake.  So cool! 
Snow covered beach at Lake Michigan

The 3 Stooges standing on Lake Michigan

I blame the wind for my closed eyes. 

Channel into Lake Michigan.  Killer icicles. 

Standing on top of a dune, looking down at the ski club.
Grand Haven is just a fun small town.  I like small towns, and the beauty of the river front and lake front are just amazing.  It's so easy to find views of the whole town from atop the paved, house lined sand dunes.  Incredible structuring.  Isaac has promised we'll go back in a few summers so we can really play.  Obviously this isn't how I'd hoped to first be introduced to Grand Haven, but I'm glad we got to visit.

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