Sunday, January 22, 2012

How We Got Snow in Michigan

Be careful what you pray for...God will answer.

As Isaac and I learned, He doesn't always answer in the way we expect.  For weeks before Christmas, we prayed and prayed for snow while we were in Ohio for Christmas break.  We got upper 30s and rain.  Little did we know that Isaac especially, but me too, would see tons and tons of the fluffy white stuff the month after Christmas.  I thought specifically praying for Christmas so that Aggie Belle and Bailey could enjoy it would be enough, but it wasn't.

Isaac's granddad went in for surgery on MLK to have a mass on his intestine examined and removed.  The surgery went well; small masses were removed and the larger mass was biopsied to ensure it was benign.  Tuesday morning, the 18th, we received a call on our way to work that Grandpa had been rushed back into surgery due to internal bleeding.  The places where the tumors had been removed weren't healing properly.  Grandpa had just turned 82 and was in pretty good health, but the thought was that the blood thinners he has taken for several years were just causing the blood to not clot properly.  Isaac was shaken up, but we prayed, and kept on with our day.

By Wednesday afternoon, things weren't looking good for Grandpa.  Isaac didn't want to believe anything bad was going to happen, but I told him that if it did, and he didn't get to see Grandpa one more time, he wouldn't be a happy man.  We began to back him a bag, and my dad took him to the airport early Thursday to get to Grand Rapids.

When I went to bed on Friday, things seemed to be stable.  The next thing I knew, my doorbell is ringing and it's 6:45 AM Saturday morning.  I had gotten a smart phone a week earlier and wasn't used to the new ring sounds.  I'd slept through an hour of Isaac, my dad, and my granddad trying to wake me. Ten minutes later, my granddad arrived, not knowing Isaac had spoken to my dad too.   I officially get the Worst Wife of the Year Award, and it's only January!

Grandpa had died about 5:15 in the morning.  Isaac and his brother Jacob had spent the night at the hospital on Friday, and they held him as Jesus took him Home.  That's a hard thing for a man to have to tell his wife.

Isaac told me I was booked on a flight to Detroit that left in 2 hours...I had an hour to pack and get to the airport.  The fact that the only thing I forgot was a pair of dress pants is pretty impressive.  My granddad took me to the airport and then went back to my house to pack up the dogs' stuff so they could go to Pearland for the week.

By 4:00 Saturday afternoon, I was in Detroit, met by the 3 Stooges (Isaac, Jacob, and their cousin Jason) and in a land of freshly fallen snow. 

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