Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

According to my birth certificate, I turned 27 at 2:30 PM today.  I can't figure out these late twenties years, how I'm supposed to feel about them and all.  That's another post though.  This was one AWESOME birthday!

Teaching the Omega kids (Gifted/Talented) means we have permission to do more in-depth teaching.  Why not go on a field trip then, say to see King Tut, and have lunch at Hard Rock while we're at it?  And since I was planning this shebang, why not my birthday?  Such a good idea! 

The kids were thrilled to celebrate my birthday on a field trip, and I think I was sung to at least 10 times.  Eh, it's fine.  I sing to them on their birthdays, so it's only fair! 

King Tut: FABULOUS exhibit!  Half the fun was watching the awe and gross out factor in the kids.  There's a canopic jar where some of the embalming fluid from 1320 something BC can still be seen from where it dripped down the side.  Cool and icky all at the same time!  Seriously though, do some research (www.kingtut.org is a simple place to start), and then go!  We had a local Egyptian expert visit with out kids on Friday, and they were definitely able to apply their knowledge to what they saw in the exhibit.  That'll make for a happy birthday right there!  To stand in front of a statue, carving, or piece of jewelery that's over 3,000 years old is mind boggling.  The intelligence of the ancient cultures can't be overlooked, and if the Bible isn't proof enough for you, this exhibit will be. 

At Hard Rock, I was brought an ice cream sundae with a candle, and all 81 kids sang their hearts out to me.  I wasn't expecting the 'stand and be sung to' routine, hence the picture:
What an embarrassed goober!
The kids on my bus decided to serenade me on the way home with their own renditions of  Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Boys II Men.  I felt like I was back in 6th grade when they bust out "I Swear" at the top o their lungs.  However, I did have to draw the line at Barney's theme song.  A girl has her limits!

I came home to find:
Inside was The Story CD.  Check it out if you don't know about this awesome musical take on Genesis to Revelation. Thank you Isaac and babies!

Isaac and I then went to spend the Vera Bradley gift card my parents gave me.  With a coupon and their Winter sale, I got:
Bible cover, lunch box, sticky notes, and stationary in Rhythm and Blues
We did some more browsing and headed home for Carrabbas leftovers (thanks Mom and Dad) from Sunday when my family had a game night for my birthday.  With an added bottle of champagne and the following little beauties for dessert, I had one blessed birthday.
Thank you Ms. Ginny's for being such a wonderful, right-around-the-corner bakery.  Coconut cream, chocolate dream, German chocolate, and Italian cream.  Two still remain for another day.  :)  Thank you Isaac for the treat!
I was very spoiled today, and it's super fun to have a day all about me, but my prayer is that God uses me to magnify Him in great ways this year as I certainly have no clue what 2012 and 27 hold.

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Christi said...

Happy Birthday!
I really enjoy Egyptian culture, so fascinating and bizarre. My husband was stationed in the Sinai peninsula for a year so I got to visit him there and we went to the pyramids! We missed out on the valley of the kings but it was still a great trip. I dont know if I'd go back though, it was so dusty. And we did visit a beautiful Coptic church carved into a mountain side. That was very neat.
Great colors on the vera bradly, I've been wanting a bible cover myself.

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