Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac's birthday is one to remember and forgot this year.  Bless his heart. 

I got horribly sick with the stomach flu yesterday and ended up at urgent care, but not before making sure I had ordered my man a cookie cake for today!  I've got to redeem myself from "Worst Wife of the Year"!  And, I had been able to grab him a birthday card at the Hallmark store in the Chicago airport on Saturday, so check one for thinking fast on my feet.  Phew!

Isaac's uncle picked up the cookie cake for me, and the whole family met us in Holland, Michigan at an AMAZING restaurant called Boatwerks. I'm so glad Hellen and Dave recommended it for us and took us up there. It sits right on the lake and is super fancy.  Everyone's meals looked incredibly-lots of seafood-but I stuck with a plain potato to stay safe.  No more yuckies for me!  The staff was fabulous, bringing Isaac a sundae to go along with his cookie cake.

Outside Boatwerks
Beautiful restaurant

I'm so grateful to have another year with this man.  Isaac is beyond talented, and he spoils me.  We're working out marriage day by day (it's a learned thing, you know!), and he's a great leader for our family.  Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

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