Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, America!

We're up north in Ohio visiting family, so the 4th of July lasted for 3 days.  I figured if it took 2 days to write the Declaration of Independence, then we could celebrate it for 3 and not be too extreme, right?  Work with me here.

Friday was a lazy day of horses, chickens, and eventually a petting zoo.  No trip north is complete without a visit to the farm that Isaac and Jacob's former biology teacher owns.  We've been going out there for 7.5 years, and we've watched a lot of animals come and go.  My favorite horse died over the winter at the ripe old age of 30.  Major was a giant of a horse, and just as sweet as could be.  One of the farm dogs had passed on too.  Still, we had fun introducing Man Cub to Dolly and Jenny the pony, along with the chickens.  Sadly, my little guy has developed a fear of animals other than dogs in the last week or so.  I sure hope this doesn't last long!  We'll be patient and just keep trying until he re-learns his love for all things furry.

That evening we headed to the town fair, hoping to make dinner out of it too.  It was just too cool and wet to stay very long, but we did get in some lovin' at the petting zoo.  Our sweet boy was a little more excited to see these animals, especially the smaller ones like the rabbits.

After dinner, we lit up the fire pit to wait on Isaac's cousin Jason to arrive from even further up north.  He made it in time for the town's firework show.  We were all cozy on the patio with the fire pit, blankets, sparklers, and s'mores.

Saturday found us playing in the park with the little guy and feasting on Fazoli's for lunch.  Are we the only ones who like that restaurant but don't have it nearby?  We really do try to avoid chain restaurants, but it's one we enjoy too much to skip when we're in town.  

I think everyone took naps at some point Saturday afternoon.  We needed down time so badly after the last few weeks, and we got it.  We grilled for dinner and waited for it to get dark to start our crazy firework show.  I don't know how many different fireworks we had, but it took us two nights to blow up the arsenal.  Can we move out of the city yet so we can do this more often, honey?  It's always a treat to be up here so we can do this.

Jacob has the most incredible girlfriend, and she's already become Aunt Bonnie to the baby.  We adore her.  Man Cub is particularly smitten with her.  She's gotten to visit us in Houston once, but I kept her quiet to you dear folks so I didn't freak her out with all the family lovin' too soon.  So, world, meet Bonnie.  You're going to love her.  She's a military nurse and has no problem picking on these boys with me.  Finally, backup after 7.5 years!  Sunday evening, Jacob and Bonnie were able to have a grown up dinner with us (ie, the kid stayed with the grandparents so we could all talk like normal people).  Man Cub is such a good baby, but it was nice to focus on one conversation for an extended period of time. Then we came back to the house to finish off the fireworks and eat more s'mores.  The baby wasn't too impressed with what he saw of the fireworks before bedtime, but at least he slept through all of our booms.  I get a bit giddy when we blow up things.  Teehee.

Oh, these people! We have a fabulous time together, and October can't get here soon enough.  Our yearly Houston gathering will miss a face or two, but at least most of us will be together.  Maybe we can Skype with the ones stuck at work.

Happy birthday, America!  We love celebrating you!

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The Lady Okie said...

I'm so jealous of your s'mores! I love those so much. Campfires are one of my favorite things :) Glad you had a good 4th and your little guy loved the animals!

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