Monday, June 29, 2015

Garth Brooks World Tour

Growing up, Mom always made sure we heard a healthy dose of Abba and the Beach Boys.  I'm sure there were other bands too, but that's what I remember.  Dad, on the other hand, would have us singing along with The Judds, Reba, Vince Gill, and Brooks and Dunn.  But mostly, Dad had us twirling and singing to Garth Brooks.  When the man released an album, Dad bought it, and we learned it.  I have silly memories of my brother and me spinning in circles in the living room until we fell over from dizziness while "Papa Loved Mama" was echoing through the house.

For whatever reason, none of us made it to a Garth Brooks concert in those days.  There were opportunities; I remember him being in Houston.  Probably there was a mentality of, "Oh, he'll be back in a few months." When he announced his retirement, we were a bit crushed that we had missed our chance.

Fast-forward 18 years, and one morning found me receiving an email with confirmed tour dates to Houston with Garth and Trisha Yearwood for EIGHT shows.  I still can't believe the man played 2 shows a night for two weekends, but he did.  There was no way I wanted to go to that concert without my brother, and we made it happen. 

Garth's show did not disappoint.  It was everything it should've been and then some.  With the exception of two songs from his new album, we knew every song that was played.  It was like a sing-a-long for 18,000 people.  Trisha still has it too.  What a treat.  

I could've stayed all night listening to these songs live.  It was completely a childhood dream come true to hear the soundtracks of childhood on the big stage. 

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christina @ the new mrs said...

So glad you guys all got to enjoy this night out together after so many years of memories!

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