Thursday, June 25, 2015

Man Cub: 11 Months

Sweet Boy,

Your personality blooms more each day.  You are a joyful baby, and you bring smiles to everyone who makes eye contact with you.  I love that you engage with strangers when we go places because they just light up and grin so big when they interact with you.  Keep it up, buddy!  You love to go, go, go, but you still love to cuddle and sit in my lap to read a book.  Keep that up too!  Daddy and I pray each day that you love Jesus with all that you are and seek Him always.  We love you!

You are sleeping a solid 10-11 hours each night without waking up.  Yay!!!  We all love uninterrupted sleep!  Morning naps and afternoon naps of 1.5-2.5 hours are still pretty normal for you too.  You like your sleep, and Daddy and I like our sleep, so we're all happy people. 

We let you try almost anything these days, except sweets.  We went for hibachi one night, and you ate shrimp, steak, and all of the veggies.  Still, you aren't a big meat fan.  I'm still making your food, though you eat organic pouches if we go out.  Lately, if food is on my plate, you want it, so I often just put what I want you to eat on my plate so you'll eat it.  Easy as that!  You also like your purees in reusable pouches more than on a spoon.  I'm anxious to see if you'll like more chunky type foods when you get some more teeth.  More and more possibilities open to your little taste buds all the time, and there isn't too much that you flat out refuse.  Thank goodness!  Please be a good little eater always!

Oh, wow, Baby, you have so much fun playing!  You can drink through a straw now, and your favorite cup is Mommy's Tervis tumbler.  You are officially a walker, but you still like crawling because you are faster.  I love watching you take a few steps and build your confidence though.  We see you becoming more and more brave each day.  You still like running your push toys around the house or up the driveway.  We gave you your birthday present early, a pirate ship splash table, and you love it!  Daddy has been teaching you swim lessons almost daily.  You've mastered a front float and spider crawl on the wall, and you're working on a back float.  You love to splash and be in the water.  You stand on your tip-toes to reach things.  You can figure out how to put simple puzzle pieces in their places.  You have 7 teeth!!

Water (being in it and drinking it in a cup), the dogs, reading, singing, your nursery class at church, your family, playing with your friends, stroller rides, being in the carrier (despite the heat), sleeping, climbing the stairs, all of the same things you've been loving!

Chunks in your purees, most meat, being too sleepy or hungry

11 Month Stats:
Weight: 18 pounds, 14 ounces
Length:  29 inches
Eating: nursing/breast milk bottles 6:40 am, 9:30, and 7:30 pm; breakfast around 7:30, lunch around 11:15, and dinner around 5:30.
Bedtime: between 7:45-8:00
Awake: sometime between 6:15-7:00
Naps: usually 9:45 and 2:00. 
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: size  6-12 and 9 months onesies; size 6 months and 9 months pants/shorts; 6-12 and 9 months rompers.  You're just sleeping in onesies now for pjs because it's so warm.

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