Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cousin Fun

It only took us 10.5 months to make it happen, but we finally had 9 days for these 3 to be together.  Can you spy Man Cub's little face in his mirror?  The kids were so incredibly excited to meet each other and the girls were thrilled to get to come to Houston for a week.

Last week was UBC's VBS, so the girls enjoyed learning about God's power in the mornings while the baby slept.  That left our afternoons free for adventures.

Monday was rainy as Tropical Storm Bill was trying to decide where he was headed, but we headed to the zoo anyway.  We circled the zoo twice before we called it a day.  The kids were able to feed giraffes, watch the gorillas play tag, blow kisses back and forth with a chimp, find the tigers in their forest, peek at the lions, and watch sun bears climb trees.  We escaped into a few of the buildings to see some smaller critters when the rain came down, but we had a great day!

Everything came to a halt on Tuesday because the media spun Bill out of proportion.  He never brought us a deluge, though we did get rain.  Still, we spent the morning shopping at target and then the girls spent the afternoon building a fort so they could watch movies during the heavier storms that arrived.  We also made homemade cupcakes (yummy strawberry!) and pizza for dinner.  Uncle Isaac thought he'd keep us giggling by dressing up silly and judging a burping contest.  It's what uncles and daddies do, right?!

Wednesday actually was our super rainy day, and let's just say all VBSs everywhere need to come up with a plan to keep moms with babies who don't get to go to VBS from having to drag them out in th rain to pick up kids.  I'm all for safety, but I saw countless moms juggling huge umbrellas and multiple children during crazy wind and heavy rain.  Just not cool.  Come on churches, get your thinking caps on-there's a solution, I'm sure!

We braved the afternoon storms and headed to Space Center Houston.  It'd been awhile since the girls had last visited.  I needed to renew my spouse support badge so I wouldn't have to pay (there are a few perks for being married to a government employee), so we stopped at the badge office first.  The sweet gal working that day gave all three kiddos special little visitor badges.  They technically don't need them as minors, but they all thought they were so official and important with their cute little NASA badges.  If it hadn't been pouring so hard, I would've taken them around on site a bit, but I just wanted to get in the visitor's center and get dry!  Uncle Isaac came with us for a while.  The girls were very interested in all of the science and living in space shows this visit.  I think they were too little to care much last time.  Both little ladies thought liquid nitrogen was pretty cool, and it is!  They also had fun walking around like astronauts floating in space.  Too cute!  Man Cub took a great nap and climbed on a few space ships.

Didn't realize until we got home that my childhood best friend's dad photo bombed us in the background.  This stuff just doesn't phase us.  Sigh.  I best I could juggle in zero G too!
The next day was spent helping me replant aloe.  Anyone local need some?  It multiplies like bunnies, and I can't keep up with it all.  My little artistic nieces painted pots so they could take some home too. 

For dinner, we headed to Ichibon, one of the girls' favorite places  Apparently Man Cub loves it too!  He ate more of my shrimp and steak than I did!  Then we hit up the Kemah Boardwalk for a spin around the ferris wheel and carousel.  It was a gorgeous evening, and it was great to be out on the water.

We said goodbye to VBS and new friends on Friday.  The girls had a great week with sweet teachers and awesome kiddos who embraced these little visitors 

In the afternoon, Isaac and I took the girls out jet skiing.  They thought it was so cool Uncle Isaac had bought a banged up jet ski and made it work again.  It still isn't the prettiest thing ever, but it purrs like a kitten and is all ours for treating friends to fun on the lake and bay.  I grew up in KY being 'lake people', and it's good to be back in the water.  The lake was a little rough still from all the storms, but we had a blast.  Isaac treated the girls to fireworks in Kemah that night.  I think they had a great date included glow sticks and glow jewelery.  That's important stuff right there!

Isaac made a grocery run on Saturday morning, and all of his girls received a special treat when he came home.  He thinks of everything and certainly know how to make us all feel loved and cherished! 

The rest of the day was spent at Palm Beach in Galveston.  We had fun with water slide races, floating the lazy river, and playing in the sand.  Man Cub did great!

Sunday was special because Bridget had gotten in late the night before.  The girls were glad to see their mommy, and I was glad for some much needed big girl time!  Ha.    We made sure to take some pretty pictures in the prayer garden after church.  I always think it makes a perfect back drop.

We grilled burgers for lunch after church, and then hit the lake again.  Bridget had to learn how to jet ski too!  We all had so much fun to coasting over the water. The water was almost like glass, and it felt like flying.  Unfortunately we were too busy enjoying our freedom to remember to take pictures. Isaac and I usually have to take turns so someone is with the baby, but this trip we were able to go out together while Auntie Bridget entertain the little guy.  So grateful!  Dinner at Chuy's rounded out a pretty perfect Father's Day, according to Isaac.

Auntie Bridget and the girls had to pack up to head home Monday afternoon after a full morning of playing.  So, so grateful for these three and how God stitches families together.  I had no idea what all this would look like back when I was 11 and my family grew, but I'm more in love with it all the time.  We had a great week full of silliness, girl talk, and love.  

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Living out of Wedlock said...

Wow, you guys were busy! That Space Center looks pretty awesome and I love all the pictures! It is so nice to spend time with family you don't see very often.

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