Sunday, July 12, 2015

Man Cub Takes On Kentucky!

One of the best parts of going to Ohio to see Isaac's family is getting to cross the border into Kentucky to see some of my family!  My niece is quite the dancer, so their travel time takes them to competitions instead of Texas.  It's great to be able to spend time with my god-sis and her fam, even though the time is never long enough.  My aunt always joins us, and the day is full of laughter and stories.  And of course the baby sported UK gear, because no trip to Kentucky is complete without a shout-out to the Cats!

Sweet Man Cub had only met Aunt Donna, so he was in for a treat to meet his Sissy, Jason, Alex, and Shelby.  The kids fell head over heels for our little guy.  I heard several times, "We want to keep him!" and "He's soooooooo cute!".  I reminded Shelbs he'll grow up and not stay so little.  Her response was a long, "Noooooo!"  I feel ya, kid, I feel ya!

We had lunch at a California Pizza Kitchen because you just can't go wrong there.  Then we headed to the Louisville Zoo, which was a blast until the heavens unleashed a torrential downpour.  We managed to squeeze in penguins, orangutans, polar bears, and lorikeets before we got drenched.  The lorikeets were incredibly friendly, even perching on our heads to lap up nectar.  So fun! Go show the Louisville Zoo some love if you're ever's fabulous!

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