Thursday, July 16, 2015

Man Cub is Getting an Aunt!

We fell in love with Bonnie in February when she and Jacob came to keep Man Cub for a week.  We told Jacob not to mess up with her.  He listens so well!  The baby fell head over heels for another blonde lady in his life, so he was betting on his uncle to keep things going too.

Jacob tried so hard to work out a proposal while we were in Ohio, but it wasn't meant to be.  See, Bonnie and Jacob met while working Air Camp two summers ago.  Airplanes are important for both of them.  Jacob works for a private jet division of a major airline, so he has somewhat easy access to time on private planes.  The problem was finding a flight that was local so they wouldn't end up driving home for days instead of just a couple of hours.  While it wasn't meant to be for us to throw them a little party while they were there, Jacob secured a flight just a few days later.  Success!  Bonnie had expressed interest in taking a quick flight this summer if the opportunity presented itself, so Jacob didn't have to worry about her picking up on his plans just because he was getting on a plane with her.

The pilot and Jacob had spoken before the flight, so he, as nonchalantly as possible, hung around the cabin to take pictures once the plane was at cruising altitude.  Bonnie was thrilled, and a bit surprised, with the whole thing.  I love, love, love these pictures the pilot took.  There is so much honest joy and pure glee in them.  It's a beautiful picture of God's work.  Bonnie's ring is stunning too.  Jacob and Isaac seemed to talk forever about rings, and Jacob chose well.  So well, in fact, that I was a tad envious when I was shown it a couple weeks ago.  :)

Isaac and I are super excited to get another sister. Man Cub is thrilled to have Bonnie officially be his aunt in a few months.  He's also a ring bearer in the wedding, so watch out, world!  Cuteness overload is heading your way. 

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christina @ the new mrs said...

This was SO sweet - what a cute proposal! Congrats on your new sister.

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