Sunday, July 20, 2014

KJOY 2014

I can't believe this is the 4th summer Kymberlee, Terri, and I have led KJOY for our precious UBC kindergarteners.  Feel free to do a search to find posts from previous years!

If you're new around here, KJOY stands for Kindergartners learning to serve Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.  It's a four day camp where we spend three days serving our community while learning about stories from the Bible that show us that this was the example Jesus gave us.  The last day is a fun day for us since we do believe that it's to have some self-centered fun on occasion.  :)

On Monday, we harvested veggies in our church's garden.  Then we made goodie bags to take to the staff of our local crisis pregnancy center and mommy-to-be bags for the clients there.  The kids also learned about Jesus telling the people which commandments are most important.

On Tuesday, we delivered our harvest to the Clear Lake Food Pantry.  Then we went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center for a tour and to deliver our goodies to them.  Back at church, we made door decorations for the residents at Emeritus for the next day.  The kids heard about Jesus feeding the 5000 with the fish and bread.

On Wednesday, we went to Emeritus to paint ceramics with the residents and visit.  They always love talking with the kindergartners.  We also visit every room to pass out the door decorations.  It's a precious day watching everyone interact.  The kids learn about Jesus healing the man at the pool and also make snack bags for the homeless to keep in their parents' cars. 

On Thursday, we kept up with our tradition of a private tour of the Aquarium in Kemah, feeding stingrays, and eating and playing at McDonalds.  They also learn about the Good Samaritan.

I think I love KJOY so much because it causes parents to realize that their littles are old enough to serve.  I love watching how family service to the community in the name of Jesus evolves into a deeper commitment and joy after each week of KJOY.  Thank You, Lord, for using this week for Your glory!!!

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