Friday, July 11, 2014

June BarkBox's nearly half way through July and I'm just now posting about last month's BarkBox.  I promise I didn't make the pups wait this long to enjoy their goodies!!!

Romp Silly Buns Monkey Toy ($9.29)  We cracked up when we opened the box and saw this!  Aggie Belle has loved her 'butt toy', as inappropriate as it may be!  Ha.  She still hasn't torn it up, and the squeakers have lasted too.  I'm impressed at this silly toy!

 Benny Bully's Beef Liver and Banana Treats (~$3) These don't smell the best, but the freeze dried liver and banana combo have been a huge win to the pups!  They both love them, and they have nearly finished off the bag.  They seem to like the freeze dried texture and how the treats melt in their mouths so quickly.  It reminds me of eating astronaut ice cream as a kid!

 Benebone ($11.95) Aggie Belle ADORES this bone.  It's made in the USA, and it's wish bone shape makes it so easy for her to hold on to.  It's kind of like a nylabone in texture and how it breaks down for her to 'eat'.  The bacon flavor has been a huge hit! 

Green Bark Gummies Hip and Joint Bites ($11.82) These little teddy bear chews are super cute and the pups find them very tasty.  However, Aggie Belle needs 10 a day to be a true supplement for her, so I don't think we'll be buying them in place of her regular glucosamine supplement.  Bailey would need just 1, but what's the fun if only one pup gets the treat?  We'll stick with what we have. 

This month's total is approximately $36.06, basically double what we pay for the box.  Yet another successful, fun filled BarkBox experience for Aggie Belle and Bailey!

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