Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big Girl Adventures 2014

There was no way I was going to let a summer go by without a visit from our nieces, despite the impending birth of the Man Cub.  The four of us love their visits so much, and the girls do too!  The second week of summer is UBC's VBS each year, so we decided that was a great time for the girls to come.  Since I was on limited activity at the time, it'd allow them something fun and purposeful for the mornings, and then we'd have rest time in the afternoons before Uncle Isaac took over in the evenings.  The week was perfect!

We met Bridget and the girls at our halfway point between our two houses and got them home just in time for bed on Sunday night.  There were no words to describe just how excited these four crazies were to be reunited:

And good morning, Monday!

On Monday, we were all excited to get to VBS and have fun learning that no matter what, Jesus loves us!  The Weird Animals VBS curriculum by Group was fabulous!  I worked Kid Vid for 3rd and 4th graders.  I loved sharing with them what UBC was doing as church families for kids in Dominican Republic and the real life kids who learned that Jesus loves them even though they are all different.  And, I got to sit the whole time so Man Cub was happy, doctor was happy, and I was happy.  Win!

Monday afternoon we went shopping for new clothes because I felt good and every trip deserves a bit of splurging.  It's what Aunties get to do, and I'm grateful for the opportunity!  And of course each afternoon had to have some school time as well.  Math for the Biggest Big and handwritting for the Littlest Big.  I promised I didn't torture them too much.  :) 

 That night, Uncle Isaac helped the girls make homemade pizzas, one of our favorite traditions:

This year we pulled out the Man Cub's snocone machine and made snocones after dinner.  Yum!!

On Tuesday afternoon, I treated the girls to manicures.  There's a new spa that opened down the street from our house, and they have super cheap little manicures for little girls.  They sprinkle orange slices and rose petals in the water to soak their fingers, trim and file their nails, and then paint them.  The girls were on Cloud 9, and I thought it was adorable!

After rest time, all four of us had some Play-Doh fun:


That night we had a picnic dinner at the pool.  I have two much more confident fish on my hands than last summer.  I'm so proud of them!  We had some afternoons at the pool too throughout the week, and I just love watching them grow in their swimming skills.  I think the best part was water gun fights with Uncle Isaac and racing across the pool on the floats!

On Wednesday, we made a pit stop at the library for some books.  Both girls love reading, but my Biggest Big is such a book worm like Auntie Laura.  Love.  The Littlest Big was content loving on the pups for awhile. Think they minded?  ;)

After rest time and dinner, Uncle Isaac took the girls to buy kites.  We were having perfectly breezy evenings all that week, and a trip to the park to fly kites just couldn't be avoided.  It was so much fun!!

Thursday was T-shirt day at VBS.  We all looked kinda cute together.  ;)

That afternoon, we took the pups to Sonic for Happy Hour.  Yum!

After some more school work... was time to meet the always fun Tanner Family at the splash pad for dinner and water fun.  Michelle and I had no problem leaving the guys to chase 4 kids so we could catch up.  :)  I'm not sure the girls really minded though.  

After a fabulous last day of VBS, I headed to the chiropractor and Uncle Isaac taught both Bigs how to change the rotors on Auntie Laura's truck.  They LOVED it!

Then we loaded up a lawn chair for me, fishing equipment for everyone else, and headed to a park with a fishing pond.  We'd heard great things about catch and release fishing in this particular pond.  However, all the girls and Uncle Isaac managed to catch were turtles!!

On Saturday, we decided to have donuts for breakfast and try another park for fishing.  The girls loved it so much, but wanted to catch a fish!  We headed over to Challenger Park and had great, wonderful success!  I think the total catch came in close to 15.  Isaac promised to take them deep sea fishing when the Littlest Big is 8.  In 4 years, he's going to have his hands full!!  :)  They can't wait, and are making sure to hold him to that promise!

That night we went down to San Leon to Bubba's Shrimp Palace for dinner.  The girls tried shrimp for the first time, and we promised then a true shrimp boil next visit.  They loved eating out on the water and seeing the boats come in and out.  

Then we walked the pups one last time.  I think this is always everyone's favorite part of the day.  :)

On Sunday, the girls got to sing their VBS song in church before we had to load up to head back to our meeting point with Mom.  We had hoped she was going to get to come visit with us over the weekend, but work kept it from happening.  We all agreed it'd be better to save that visit for when the Man Cub arrives though.  These two are going to be so awesome with their baby cousin!!!  They can't wait to meet him, and I can't wait to see them all 3 together!

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