Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach Day 2014

Thanks to our cruises, I've seen a few beaches this calendar year.  Thanks to an extra long winter and the influx of seaweed from Bermuda that the cold caused, the pups have not.  There were rumors circulating that the pocket beaches in Galveston that we always frequent were being 'swept' daily of the seaweed.  We love the pocket beaches, and decided to spend Sunday morning trying it out.  I know, we should've been at church watching the little kids' musical, but the dogs adore the beach, we hadn't taken them yet, and we're going to have a baby any day.  I promise we listened to praise songs in the car and talked a lot about how God is moving lately in our lives. ;)

Sure enough, the pocket beach was very clean.  It appears they clean at night and so there was just a bit of seaweed along the surf from the overnight hours when we arrived.  The seaweed was completely manageable and not stinky at all.  Bailey had fun surf hopping, and Aggie Belle spent all morning chasing her ball in the waves.  They are so stinking happy at the beach!!!  If they could be beach babes all year round, they would. 

This trip was a bit sentimental as well.  We'll probably never go with just the dogs again.  The next time we head down the road to the beach, we'll be a family of 5.  I'm going to love watching a baby play with the pups in the surf...bring it!

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