Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WFMW: Phiten Tape

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Phiten has radically changed the way I approach pain management, and it most definitely works for me!  Phiten uses titanium and gold to increase blood flows to painful areas of the body to decrease pain.  I like the tape best, but they have a whole line of products from clothing to necklaces to lotions that all serve the same purpose.

In high school, we were rear ended, and I developed a huge knot in my right shoulder.  Chiropractic care helped some, but I still had pain.  I also had neck pain from falling and breaking my tail bone in 6th grade.  Basically I landed so hard the impact jolted the vertebrae in my neck out of alignment.  Joy.  Our hair stylist was using Phiten on her hand to help with arthritis pain and told Mom to get some for me to try on my shoulder.  It didn't heal the knot, but it helped sooooo much with the pain!  Increased blood flow can loosen tight muscles and help relax the body.

Since high school, I've used it to help a twisted ankle, a sprained wrist, and back pain.  The tape stays in place 2-4 days and works well the whole time.  I also suffer from TMJ and even with a mouth guard, I clench horribly in my sleep.  Two months ago, I started putting a piece of Phtien on my right jaw line each night before bed.  It doesn't make me stop clenching, but it does help me not be so sore from it in the morning.

Please keep in mind Phiten isn't for open wounds or sores.  It's for muscle aches and pains.  It doesn't heal or cure anything.  It is perfect for people like me who are allergic to most pain meds or who are looking for more natural, or at least medicine free, approaches to treating pain.

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