Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

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ONE: The amount of baby and maternity items friends and even a few people we hardly know keep bringing to us is overwhelming-in a completely good way!  Some of it is on loan, other items are ours to  keep, but we have an entire room full of nothing but baby things, and my closest is bursting with maternity clothes.  God is showing His faithfulness and presence at every turn in this pregnancy, and it's so exciting to see where we'll find Him working next.  Not to mention the HUGE financial burden that all of these generous gifts are alleviating for us!

TWO: Yesterday I wrote about the She Reads Truth: Hosea study I just completed with some other blogging friends.  Still processing all I've learned, but God's Word never returns void!

THREE: Mom, Nanny, and I are going tomorrow to order this beautiful set, or at least part of it!  No worries, there will be NO pink in Andrew's room.  Just all things Zambian.  :)

FOUR: It thrills me that friends are coming up to me left and right asking about essential oils.  I think more and more people are trying to find chemical free, toxin free ways way to keep their families clean and healthy, and I'm so excited to share what I'm learning.  I could care less if I ever make a penny off being a distributor.  I honestly just want as many families as possible to have oils in their homes.  I know we feel healthier and have been less sick lately, even with allergy season in Texas starting to roar it's ugly head.  And what I'm learning about oils and their positive effects from friends who have children with ADHD, Austism, and other conditions is just incredible.  Thank You, Lord!

FIVE: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo starts this week!  Here's my favorite picture from last year's festivities!  My nieces were here, and we had a blast taking them to their first rodeo.  Joelle is younger in that picture than I was at my first rodeo.  She was 3, and I was 4.  Precious loves!


Jennifer Humphries said...

That is going to be such a cute nursery. You are going to post pics of the completed room right?

beene31 said...

Thanks for sharing at the Friday Link up!

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