Friday, February 14, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

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Happy Valentine's Day!  

I have a new favorite cereal.  I saw this on the shelf at Kroger the other day.  The word 'baobab' caught my eye.  That is one of my favorite trees in Zambia, and I had no idea that it was edible.  This granola is so tasty, and I love the coconut flakes in it.

A baobab tree in Livingstone, Zambia


Every once in a while, I come up with a fun idea all on my own.  I wanted to make pancakes last night to have for a Valentine breakfast today.  I threw some chocolate chips in the batter, and then decided to cook them in heart shaped cookie cutters.  I tried a cupid too, but even with having cooking spray on the cutter, it stuck too badly to be cute.  I had fresh strawberries for garnish, and this way we had a quick but festive breakfast this morning.

THREE: The school district decided to make today an early release day, so I'm out at 1:00.  It's Isaac's flex Friday, so he's picking me up and taking me to the zoo to see our brand spanking, not even two week old baby giraffe and elephant.  Can. Not. Wait.

Team USA Skeleton athletes.  One of Isaac's former profs has spent the last 6 years working with the skeleton team to make a better sled.  See, aerospace engineers are good for more than just NASA!  Anyway, Isaac and Grant have kept in touch, and it's been a blast getting his updates from Sochi and watching the team compete the past couple of days.  So fun!

FIVE: My students have something sneaky up their sleeve for me today.  I'm not quite sure who is involved or what they're doing, but there's been an awful lot of whispering this week.  And a lot of borrowing markers and paper and talking to other teachers when they think I'm not noticing.  Love them! Oh how my heart aches to give this after this year!  Check back later today or over the weekend, and I'll let you know what these darlings were up to!


FARMER and the BELL said...

i watched the skeleton last night and it looks absolutely terrifying…but something i would want to try…like one time. :) what's it like being married to an aerospace engineer? i'm married to a mechanical engineer and i'm not sure how i handle his brain sometimes. :) showing some linkup love! new reader! yay!

Lisa Loves John said...

I love those pancakes!! Super cute! Happy Friday, pretty girl!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I was watching those skeleton racers last night! They are crazy going that fast head first! It was really exciting to watch though :-)

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Food is better in a heart shape, right?! ;) Cheers to that!!! xx

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