Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wet, Messy, Glorious RAIN!

THIS is why I was a distracted mess in worship this morning.  I promise I was talking to God the whole time, tell Him, "Thank You, thank You!" over and over again for this loveliness that was falling from the sky and that I could see so clearly from the choir loft.  Then in Sunday School, the kids were laughing at me because I kept losing my train of thought because I was looking out the window at the rain running off the roof.  WHOOP! 

Folks, Texas has been in a serious drought for 10 months now.  Like, watching desertification happen before my very eyes, and I don't have to show my students videos of the process from them to learn about it anymore-that bad of a drought.  Cracks in the ground large enough to trap cell phones, keys, and small puppies-no exaggeration.  Houston itself is 24" below average rainfall; our 3-ish inches today won't fix our drought, but it has been a pleasure to stay inside today, take a nap, and work around the house with the blinds open wide to catch every glimpse of the wet goodness falling from the sky.  Perfect day of worship!

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