Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hope's Journey to Zambia

November 6th is our little girl's 'birthday', and my friend's offer to take things with her to Zambia gave Isaac and me the perfect opportunity to ensure a special something would be waiting for her on her big day.  No one living really knows her birthday, so for our little girl, November 6th has been dubbed the exciting day all children anxiously await.

Material, tangible presents aren't always a big deal in Lusaka, but Isaac and I wanted to give something, probably because we can't actually be there.  Yes, I know that sounds a lot like parents who 'buy' their kids' love, but hopefully the whole international adoption situation excuses us at least a little.  :)

Admittedly, a birthday present for our cutie was more about the shopping experience and memory building for Isaac and me, but we still wanted the present to be special and meaningful.  We decided on Build-A-Bear, and we had a great time making our bear to send to Zambia!
We choose a cute little tan cub with a huge brown nose and chocolate eyes.  She didn't look too cuddly at first!

We made sure our little bear was stuffed nice and full so she'd be hug-able and cuddle-able for years to come.

Isaac made sure our bear was nice and fluffy too!
We didn't decide on the name Hope until we sat down at the computer to make the 'birth certificate'.
Once Hope was free to leave Build-A-Bear, Isaac insisted on hold her until we reached the car.  He didn't care what the other shoppers thought as they gave strange glances at the grown man carry a teddy bear in the mall; he was going to pass on as much lovin' as possible to that little bear to give our little girl.  I'm proud of him, and watching him made my heart melt!

Our puppies are always interested in the things we bring home, and Hope was no exception.  Aggie Belle whined for two days, sitting next to Hope, wanting to play.  Bailey slept curled up on Hope's lap Saturday and Sunday night.  Dare I think that they truly understand a member of our family is missing and Hope represents that?  I used these pictures and Publisher to make our sweetie a little story book to tell about Hope's journey to Zambia.  This is one special bear folks, but she belongs to one special little girl!

It was bittersweet tucking Hope, the book, and a birthday card into the suitcase Monday morning to begin the long journey to Zambia.  We can't wait to hear stories from Kevin, Matildah, and Janet about the adventures of our darling and Hope!
Sweet Hope!


Shelley said...

It seems to early to cry, but alas this has me sitting here with tears in my eyes. Very touching!

Bridget Chama said...

Oh Laura, This is so beautiful and I pray for you and Isaac that God may hold your hands as you both maneuver thru the whole process.

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