Monday, October 3, 2011

Suitcase of Love

A friend of ours is heading to Zambia in a week, and she generously offered to take with her anything I wanted to send!  Praise Jesus for the loving arms of those who help me 'be' with my friends and family who live so far away.  With the help of some very generous students and family members, Isaac and I were able to stuff a huge suitcase full of 47 pounds of toiletries and school supplies for our friend to pass out at her church.  We also bought a present for each of the 31 older kids at House of Martha.  The little kids get stuff all the time, but the older ones get overlooked, so each kid has a present we picked out with them in mind.  We wrote names on each present so they know it's theirs.  We take so for granted being able to call any tangible item 'mine', but it's a big deal for these kids.  I collect toiletries, hand-me-down clothes, and small presents all the time so that I'm prepared when these suitcase opportunities arise.  A second suitcase could have been filled, but we didn't have enough money to ship a second suitcase to Kentucky at the moment, so we're just one step ahead in packing for this summer.  :)
Thank you, thank you to all who helped us send this suitcase of love to those I love so very much!

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