Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visit from the Boys

Last Tuesday-Tuesday, Isaac's brother Jacob and their cousin Jason came in for what is becoming an annual visit.  Our home turns into a frat house with lots of food, messes, and laughter, and I try to lay low so I don't bother them, though I must say they do a fine job of waning me around.

On Thursday, we spent the afternoon at the beach.  It was a cool day, too cold for swimming, but warm and sunny and perfect for walking, running, throwing toys, and even an impromptu ballet set by me.  :)  It was just blissful in every way!  The dogs loved our jaunt and slept so well that night!

The boys crewed a hot air balloon for the Balloonar Festival at NASA over the weekend, so they were very busy Friday morning and evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning.  Friday afternoon found us at the bowling alley, enjoying how the quiet of normal working hours.  I was horrible at bowling, as always, but the brothers were in a bowling league as tykes, and Jason's just good at sports, so they had a blast.  I laughed a lot!  

Saturday night several teachers and their families met up at school for a bbq and then we went across the street to see the balloons glow.  The boys had a great time setting up and tearing down their balloon all weekend, and Jacob even got to fly with their pilot on Sunday morning.


Come back soon, Jacob and Jason!  We all miss you!

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