Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Velvet Lovin'

A trip to Ohio is never complete without a visit to the Muterspaw farm for some Velvet lovin'! It's no secret I'm addicted to horses, and Isaac does all he can to help feed my addiction! While Dolly, Major, and Hot Rod will never replace my sweet Dixie Girl, they sure help feel the void until my next HUGE baby comes along. Most of last Sunday evening was spent grooming and pampering these three gently giants (Hot Rod thinks he's big stuff) while Isaac and Jacob fished in the pond. It was two and a half hours of pure bliss for me!

Hot Rod is already trying to be greedy. Poor Dolly!

Major is such a good boy. He loves grooming.

Cheeky mini-horse tried to eat my shirt!

Carrot breath kisses!

Hot Rod also tried to eat my bum, my knee, my elbow, my hair, my camera, and my boot at various times throughout the night. He loves to play, and I adore him for it!
Girl time with Dolly. She puts up with a lot from her two 'brothers'.
After nearly an hour of combing out tangles in Dolly's mane, I thought I'd won the battle. I turned around to find her rolling...

and rolling...
one last time for good measure...
and back up she comes! She was covered in grass stains and more tangles. I laughed and gave up!

Hot Rod kisses

Major and Dolly

1 comment:

Him and Her said...

wow, looks like fun! I haven't been around horses but they seem like great little...errr big creatures. The pictures are great too!

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