Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is what my piano room looked like yesterday morning:

The big suit case on the left is half full of donations, the little suitcase in the middle is my carry on, the blue crate has an overhead projector and a set of 8th grade ELA textbooks, and the card board box behind the blue crate has a keyboard and portable volleyball set. Phew! The scale was too make sure I didn't put more the 50 pounds in any of the bags. Everything fit just like a puzzle...perfect!

My big suitcase was full of beads for a beading project some of the local moms are doing for extra income, supplies for the long term volunteers at ACE, and lots and lots of underroos for the boys and girls at ACE. A HUGE thank you to the Tyler ladies! My things fit in the other half.

This suit case is full of baby wipes, bubbles, books, stickers, and glue sticks for the kiddos at ACE. My AMAZING 2009-2010 6th graders brought all of these things for me to take. I'm so proud of them!

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