Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wise Advice

A very wise woman I dearly love gave advice to Jeff and Fred recently when we were all together playing with their girls. One of the girls mentioned boys at school (she's in Pre-K). Our wise friend off hand mentioned to the guys that she and her husband vowed to never ask their three daughters about 'boyfriends'. Instead, they would ask the girls about their friends at school. As the girls would ramble on about all of their friends, they would ask what they (both the boys and girls) did together at school that made them friends. Their reasoning was that they didn't want their girls starting to get the impression that Mom and Dad expected them to have 'boy' friends since they asked about it, or thought that they weren't complete without a 'boy' friend since Mom and Dad mentioned it so much. In this day and age, I thought that was beautiful, wonderful advice! What a treasure those three girls had in their parents, and still do. By the way, all three girls are happily grown and married, two of them already with children. :)

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