Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter is hands down my favorite holiday! God did miraculous things during Holy Week, miracles unlike He'd ever done before, even with creation. Christ suffered so much in the hours before the cross at the hands of those who refused to acknowledge who He was. The agony He suffered on the cross is unimaginable, and all because He loves me (and everyone) enough to be the sacrifice that would tear the temple curtain so that we all could have direct access to our Heavenly Father, if we just chose to believe what He has said and done. As Friday's service so helpfully reminded me, those that loved Jesus and knew Him so dearly suffered fully as well, feeling completely helpless as they watched the One they believed to be their Savior die-fully and completely die. For the rest of Friday and all day Saturday, the believers' mourning must have been monumental. Their faith must have been doubted. The One they had heard claim would never die was dead. Oh, the fear, that must have rendered in their hearts! Then, early Sunday morning, Mary brought the news: HE IS ALIVE! Not just resuscitated like Lazarus or the young 12 year old girl who eventually had to do their dying all over again, but resurrected to NEVER die again. The shock surely was great, and no wonder Jesus knew He must show everyone his hands and sides! What Christ claimed for 3 years of teaching was, and is, true! Over 500 people saw Jesus alive. God made sure there was no reason to doubt what He so wonderfully wants for all of us: a relationship with Him, made possible by His sacrifice because He made us to be known and loved by Him. What a gift! How I pray this gift is yours this Easter!

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