Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Practice Safari

Man Cub goes on his first safari in Botswana in about 9 weeks.  I decided that we should practice being out in an open vehicle with animals around before the real deal.  Isaac's mom has been with us for this past week, so a family day out at Bayou Wildlife seems like a perfect idea.  We have been to Bayou Wildlife many times, and always enjoy a little glimpse of what God's new Kingdom on earth will be like.  I respect that not everyone is an animal nut like we are.  But...God did create each of these guys, and I never fail to stand in awe of His imagination. 

The tram tours had been suspended most of this week due to the extreme flooding we'd had earlier in the week.  The animals had still been fed and checked on, but guests couldn't get to most of the park.  Since we arrived right when they opened, we were literally the first tram the critters had seen in 3 days.  They were ecstatic to see us!  I wasn't sure how Man Cub would react to being so close to so many big animals, but he was in his own little paradise.  He's like his mommy-the more fur that's around him, that happier he is.  The little guy thought the ever aggressive ostriches and emus were hilarious.  He had no problem reach out for a quick pat of anything that came near.  We'll have to work on that instinct during the real safari-no touching the wild animals!  The sweet boy didn't get fussy even though we were on the tram over a hour.  He simply took it all in and had no trouble sitting still when we were moving.

With Buster.  He's our kissy deer.

Jeffrey.  Man Cub lights up when he eyes a giraffe!


Elands are always one of my favorites. 

What a view and what a ride.  Wait until it's Chobe in Botswana!

Bye bye, deer!

Larry the llama

Cindy has gotten a lot of lovin' from me over the years.  She's a doll.  

We ended our visit with a pony ride.  This boy and equines!

I'm thinking a season pass might be in order.  I love seeing this boy delight in his Lord's creation.  Now, the real safari...I might just melt watching him!  I'm so incredibly excited!  Where are your favorite places to get up close and personal with the animals?


The Lady Okie said...

SO cute! I'm glad he had a good time and wasn't scared. What a fun memory he'll have on the real thing!

Lisa Loves John said...

Way too sweet!! It looks like he had a blast :) :)

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