Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Fun

I love working in a school district that gives a whole week of vacation for Thanksgiving.  I've much enjoyed a week to do what I want-my own plans, my own schedule.

Monday my mom, my grandparents, and I went to the zoo where we saw most of the animals, but of course the elephants and giraffes thrilled me most! Ruggles was top on our list for lunch, (one of Houston's best!), and then we stopped by the Museum of Natural Science to see the Civil War exhibit.  It was a great day with lots of fun conversation and laughter at the animals.
Bath time for Baylor and Shanti

Of course Tupelo and Bayor immediately put on 'sunscreen', with Tess's help, as soon as they went outside.  So much for bath time!
Swimming in their new pool!

Nanny, Dede, and Mom with Tupelo and Baylor splashing.

Mom feeding Mtembei

Mtembei munching the lettuce I gave him.

Tuesday was full of errands and then Teachers' Night out at Melting Pot with my friends Diana and Danielle.  Fabulous food and fabulous fellowship.

My grandparents had yet to experience the joy that is Bayou Wildlife, so on Wednesday Isaac and I took them to feed the animals and get 'bathed' by the same sweet deer that melted me to giggles back in March.
I found the kissy deer from March!

Nanny managed not to get nipped by the ostrich.

Nanny and an eland.

No worries...this llama didn't spit!

Cindy the Camel
Kissy deer!
Nanny and Dede liked the kissy deer too!
 Thursday was full of family and food, walks around the lake, and a few Christmas card photos.

Today we've been busy putting cleaning the yard and the house so we can dig into some serious decorating tomorrow.  We also had fun playing Loaded Questions with my parents and grandparents tonight.  Such a silly game!

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