Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British Booty!

My mother went to Britain without me, but oh, did she ever make up for it with British presents!!!  Mom knows I love England and Scotland dearly and that it was very hard for me to send her off without me as her tour guide.  She spent an awesome week experiencing some of my most favorite places on Earth.  I think she enjoyed every bit of it! 
Tote bag of the Royal Palaces, Knights and Castles book for my classes, Pearce bookmark, an Edinburgh sign for Isaac, St. George Chapel calendar, purse from Harrods, woolen Scottish cap for Isaac, Nativity set made in London for my international collection, Pearce magnet, 5 sets of postcards, 2 Mars bars, a crown Christmas ornament handmade at St. George's, and a woolen Scottish scarf. 
Merry Christmas to me!  And it's not even Christmas!!!  (I think I need a camera for Christmas.  Isaac's phone isn't cutting it anymore...)

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