Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Isaac and I attempt to be intentional in our thanks in our daily quiet times, but isn't it nice to have a whole day set aside to spend with family talking about all the blessings in our lives?  I love how old stories of thankfulness share more about my family's past as memories are stirred and shared with us youngins. 

Instead of inundating Facebook every day with something for which I am thankful, I decided to compile my list of 30 blessings in one spot on one day.  What are you thankful for this year?

1) Salvation in Christ Jesus.  I'd be nowhere without it.
2) The ability to read the Bible and grow in my relationship with Christ.
3) My family. They raised me right and love me always.
4) Isaac.  He's crazy enough to love me, quirks and all!
5) Bailey.  This dog has seen me through so much!
6) Aggie Belle.  This crazy puppy sure is fun!
7) Our other pets.  Hours of entertainment!
8) Friends.  Life would be so dull without them!
9) You knew this was Tundra!  Love getting to have a dream come true!
10) Extended family that's scattered everywhere.  I love them dearly, and they give me an excuse to quench my travel bug.
11) Horses.  Oh, the joy!
12) Texas A&M University.  Proud of this school and all I learned while there.
13) Trips to the beach.  Sand, waves, salt air, happy puppies.  Enough said!
14) Our home.  It's cozy and meets our needs.
15) Disney.  Magical
16) Books!  I love getting wrapped up in a story or learning more about our world.
17) The ability to be globally missional without leaving Houston.  Between my blog being read in over 20 countries on every habitable continent to teaching children from 5 of the habitable continents, I can be Jesus to the world so easily...maybe too easily.
18) The kids in our lives that our friends allow us sweet time with.  Love it!
19) Music.  Singing and playing make my world go round.
20) All those summers in Kentucky with my grandparents.  Lots of road trips and late night movie-thons.
21) My job.  Love sharing world cultures with kids.
22) Museums.  I'm a nerd, but I so enjoy a good exhibit.
23) Never being truly hungry or thirsty.  I realize I'm in such a tiny percentage of Earth's population.
24) Elephants and giraffes.  They remind me of God's incredible sense of humor and creativity.
25) Always having our needs met.  Someday, we might work on the wants, but we are so blessed to never worry about the needs!
26) Living so close to my immediate family.  Fun!
27) The ability to understand the glorious promise of earthly and heavenly adoption. 
28) College sports.  We've been highly entertained for countless hours thanks to our Aggies and Wildcats
29) Our Sunday School kids.  Sometimes I wonder if Isaac and I don't learn more from them than they do for us.
30) Being healthy and endo free for nearly 4 years!

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