Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Work Day at CPC

Our church has a strong relationship with our local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Our members staff child care for their weekly Bible studies, serve on the advisory committee, and volunteer countless hours helping this non-profit.  In the 11 years that this CPC has been open, thousands of women have chosen life for their babies, and many of those thousands have become Christians.  It's a beautiful thing to see God at work. 

I enjoy taking teens to do chores on Saturdays there.  It's closed for clients, so we have the whole building quiet.  We get to clean the classrooms and any other room needing a wipe down, mark the Bibles the counselors use and give to clients, landscape, and sort donations that the clients can 'buy' with the points they earn from classes.  It's a unique time to pray over the building, the volunteers, the clients, and the work that happens there.  And it's fun to get sweaty.  Why is it so much more enjoyable mopping a building that isn't my home?  Is it because I have friends with me or just the way God likes to surprise me?  Sheesh.

I love when parents come to our monthly mission projects with our teens.  It fills my heart to see teens and their parents working side by side. 

Does your community have a CPC?  What are places that you like to volunteer?

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