Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome, 2015!

2014 was a fabulous year: Man Cub joined us!  Because of that, it was a bit hard to send it off, but we did it with a bang!

God's been talking to me a lot about being more intentional with hospitality.  He's given us a home that's well layed out for having others over for short or long visits, and its high time to make more use of that, without worrying about perfection.  That's the hard part for Isaac.  Honestly, so often when I invite friends over, no one shows up.  I don't think it's personal-honest, even though sometimes that still hurts!  We just have busy friends.  In light of that, I hesitated to invite too many people.  That was foolish.  We ended up with 8 adults and 6 kids and had a blast, so much so that it's been determined to become an annual tradition with an open invitation!

We decided to have a soup pot luck with kid friendly games, a photo booth, poppers, and sparklers thanks to friends who wanted to go hunt some down.  Next year we'll have some fountains and even more sparklers!

The night had no real agenda other than to eat, play, and enjoy fellowship.  It was perfect!  The kids loved playing dressing up way more than having their pictures taken.  They even marched around upstairs in an impromptu parade in their 'costumes' tooting their party horns.  It was loud, chaotic, and I loved it!  The kids did play a Disney game called Pictopia and a round of Minion Operation.  I'm sure the game playing part will get more exciting as the kids get older. 


Oh, and the best part?  We rang in the new year at 7:30, and everyone was home by 9.  I saw pics the next day of my brother's super awesome, very fancy NYE party that he and awesome sister-in-law hosted and was jealous...for about a hot second.  Those are days that I enjoyed and loved...the fancy and the late and the adult only time.  But now, well, this is what I want now.  Loud, chaotic, fun, crazy laughter with lots of kids and there parents.  2014 ushered that in for us, and I'm grateful.  We'll do fancy again someday, but for now, this:

Happy New Year, everyone!  May God dwell richly in your hearts in 2015!


The Lady Okie said...

That looks like so much fun! Good job inviting people over :) Happy 2015 to your lovely family!

Lisa Loves John said...

So fun!!! Even better that it wasn't a late night :) :)

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