Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

As of today, Isaac and I are back to being just one year apart.  For two weeks of the year, he's two years younger than me.  That weirds me out, but I love him anyway!  :)  My fabulous hubby turned 29, and just didn't know how to ring in the last year of his 20s.

Man Cub and I woke up and made a big breakfast for Isaac.  Then the little guy let Daddy have 2 quiet hours to himself while I went to a babyshower.

After that, it was time to make a decision.  Isaac finally said he wanted to go to Pine Gully Park.  Works for me!  It's right on Galveston Bay, just past the mouth of the Houston Ship Channel.  We were able to watch several huge cargo and tanker ships come in and out, and watch the Norwegian Cruise ship leave town.  This park also has lots of hiking paths that connect several local parks.  We ended up hiking for nearly an hour and a half.  It a gorgeous day.  The sun was warm, but the breeze was cool.  The ducks, egrets, and herons were showing off, along with a few pelicans.  It's been so cold lately (for here anyway), so it was such a treat to have a day to be out without coats.  The pups were in heaven, and Man Cub took a few cat naps in between singing songs to us, one of his new favorite activities. 

On the way home, we picked up Italian from an amazing little local restaurant.  Man Cub ate his nightly avocado (he eats between 3/4 and a whole one each night now!!), and then I surprised Isaac with a cookie cake from The Great American Cookie Company-the only place that makes them right in our books.  Despite how talented Isaac is when it comes to decorating cakes, we're not the biggest cake fans.  

Isaac, we love you more than you know!  You keep us going and love us well.  Live up 29, and may God use this year to bring you ever closer to Him!

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Lisa Loves John said...

Happy 29 to Isaac!!! Sounds like it was a pretty perfect day :) :)

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