Sunday, January 18, 2015

Man Cub Meets Avocado

Our tiny Man Cub has been interested in spoons for probably two months.  We started giving him his own spoon about 6 weeks ago.  While we eat, he would gnaw on both ends of his spoon and also do a pretty impressive job mimicking putting it in his mouth the appropriate way.  A week ago, Man Cub began having oatmeal in bottles.  Tonight, we decided to bust out the avocado.  Isaac pureed that bad boy, and the fun commenced!

I put a little on his spoon, and Man Cub took the spoon and basically fed himself.  I managed to get a few bites in there myself, but he has no problem letting us know that he can do it himself.  Of course he decided he needed two spoons to eat double the avocado!  Sweet boy! He impressively kept most of it in his mouth instead of on his face-nice one! We'll let him enjoy avocados for a week or so and then add in something else. With his legitimate weight issues, we do need to add the most bang for our buck calorie and fat wise.  I have a feeling he's going to be eating food at most meals with us now.  We can't keep food away from him.  Man Cub reaches and lunges for anything he sees going in our mouths.  Smart kid!

**The jury is still out about whether he's going to be left handed, but I won't complain one bit if he takes after Mommy!

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