Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Man Cub is Here!

I can't believe our little boy is nearly two weeks old!  It's time you dear readers were introduced to him!

I woke up July 24th at 4:12 in the morning having contractions, two days past my due date.  I laid in bed the next two hours timing them.  By 6:00, they were 7-10 minutes a part, and I was ready for breakfast.  By 7:00, they were 5-7 minutes a part, so I called my doctor.  She said to go on in to the hospital and get checked out. Isaac and I took our time getting ready, and left the house a little after 8 and arrived at Texas Children's a little after 9:00.  That might have been after a stop at Shipley's.....

The assessment center hooked me up to monitors and my contractions had slowed to 10-15 minutes!  What?!  And I was only at a 2, which is where I'd been for two weeks.  Ugh. The doctor there told me I was definitely in early labor, but not near enough to delivery to stay.  They sent me home with orders to rest and drink lots of water.

We decided to head to my parents' house since they live closer to the hospital and Mom had already gotten the dogs for us.  After lunch, Isaac and I laid down for a nap.  At one point, thunder woke me up, so I got out of bed to see the approaching storm.  Just as I was about to crawl back in bed, I felt a snap and ran to the bathroom.  I just knew it was my water, and I was totally correct!  At least I made it to the tile floor of the guest bath instead of the carpet of my mom's guest room before it went everywhere!  Ha.  I called the doctor's office again, and as of 2:50 when my water broke, that put me on a 24 hour clock to have our sweet boy. 

We arrived back at the hospital around 4:00.  My contractions were about every 5-7 minutes now, but since my water had broken, I felt them amplified significantly.  Wowsers.  I also had back labor the entire time which was not a fun thing for me.  I think I could have gone without that. I was bummed from the get go I didn't get to use the labor tubs that each L&D room has because my water had already broken.   When the doctor came to check me at the assessment center, I was only at 4.  Boo!  Pitocin started getting tossed around, and I about lost it.  I wanted to have my Man Cub drug free, and my water breaking so early into labor was just about to ruin all of that.

In the car on the way back to TCH, Isaac and I talked about the very possible reality of me needing an epidural since my water had broken, making the contractions worse.  I wanted to use Young Living Essential Oils to aid in progressing labor, pain management, and calmness during my L&D.  Isaac knew this.  He supported me 100%.  But, I had to start facing the fact that my vision wasn't unfolding and God had a different plan to get Man Cub to us.  Once we were situated in an L&D room, Isaac got out oils to rub on me and diffuse in the room.  I was able to handle the contractions for about two more hours.  By 6:30, they were so intense I was in tears, and I knew the Pitocin was probably going to be coming soon.

At 7:00 that evening, I was checked again and was at a 7.  The oils were working-yay!  However, the doctor really didn't want me in labor more than 12 hours after my water had broken, and really wanted me start Pitocin.  I had prayed for weeks that if the need arose for any drugs, God would give me peace and let it go since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be in any frame of mind to make decisions rationally in the moment.  I was able to calmly ask for the epidural before the Pitocin drip began.  Knowing I wouldn't be able to labor freely around the room/on the birthing ball/etc once the Pitocin began also influenced my decision.  Anyway, all my fears about the epidural needle and having a horrid reaction to the epidural just dissipated as soon as it had all been ordered.  God answered prayers, and I wasn't allergic to the epidural.  That had been a cause for much concern for months!  The anesthesiologist was amazing.  He prepped my back during a contraction so I'd be able to hold real still as soon as it was over.  My nurse that I had the whole time was incredible.  My-lan kept me calm and kept me up to date on all that was happening.

Once the epidural was in, I sent Isaac to go find himself some dinner, and I tried to rest.  By 10:00, I was at a 9, so we called my parents to come on up to the hospital.  We wanted my brother and sister-in-law there, but it was so late that it just wasn't going to work out for them with having to go to work in the morning.  By 11:00, I was at a 10, and we just had to wait on my doctor to arrive.  I was so grateful Dr. Davis was on call that night!

My parents were able to sit on the couch in the L&D room and quietly visit while Isaac helped me push for an hour and a half.  I don't know if Isaac, the nurse, the resident, intern, and Dr. Davis were just being kind, but they said I was made for pushing out babies.  Ha.  I'm good with not training for that 'sport' anymore, but it wasn't hard.  I had stopped pushing the epidural button around 11:00 so I could feel to push, and I'm glad I did.  I needed a small episotomy, but my doctor was on top of it, so I didn't tear, and now two weeks out, I'm healing nicely, if not still sore.  Dr. Davis rocks!
Waiting on the doctor to arrive.
Ready to start pushing!  I wanted to see my baby so bad!

At 1:36 am on July 25th, our sweet boy decided to join us.  Best. Thing. Ever. Daddy cut the cord, and the 3 of us cuddled and I nursed for a while.  I finally got a blanket for him so Isaac could take him to the couch to meet my parents.  Then the Isaac and my parents took him across the room to the warming bassinet to be weighed and such.  He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, but he was 20.75 inches, so he looks so skinny!

Meeting Mama and Geno for the first time.

I called my grandparents while Man Cub was being weighed to tell them they had a great-grandson.  They were so excited, despite the late hour.  :)

My parents left for the night shortly after, and around 4:00 am were taken to a postpartum room.  First off, let me just say how fun it is that TCH has Temper-pedic beds in their PP rooms.  Just, yes.  Anyway, our new nurse bathed Man Cub while Isaac helped me settle in.  My left leg was having a bit of trouble waking up (no biggie...just stayed 'asleep' a few extra hours), so Isaac was focused on me for a bit.  When I was finally handed my clean, tiny boy, Isaac pulled out the Frankincense, and we anointed his tiny head and dedicated him to the Lord.  There is no way we could forget that Man Cub is God's child on loan to us, and it just felt right in the darkness and stillness of the night to let Man Cub and God know we hadn't forgotten who had made all this possible.  Tears flowed freely and unashamedly.  I think around 5:00 we finally got some sleep, all three of us, but then Friday started in full swing and that was the end of that. 
First bath
 There is nothing like watching your husband support you through L&D and then loving on your child in its first few minutes of life.  I'm falling in love all over again in new and special ways.  Amazing.

1st family photo, minus the furs at home, around 4:30 am

For weeks and weeks Isaac and I prayed about my L&D.  I was so scared, but God answered every single stinkin prayer we had and filled me with such peace every step along the way.  He is faithful.  Always.  He finishes what He starts.  Always.  Resting in His arms is just bliss.  Amen and amen.


The Aggie Gardners said...

So precious, he is a beautiful boy! I'm sure you can't believe it's already been 2 weeks, time really does fly!

Anna Stecher said...

Laura and Isaac, congratulations! He is too precious. Reading your words, tears welled in my eyes to hear the love and joy that you are experiencing. What a special time in your lives. God is good!

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