Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Dedication

August 10 was Baby Dedication/Parent Commitment Day at UBC.  Our Preschool Ministry has a time during the worship service each quarter for parents to dedicate their children to the Lord.  Each child is given a Read-to-Me Bible, and the parents are given a certificate to sign indicating their willingness to train up their little one in the ways of the Lord.  This is always such a special time to me, watching parents declare in front of their brothers and sisters that they will do all they can to lead their littles to Jesus.  In return, the congregation commits to help the parents in this.  It takes a village, y'all.

While Isaac and I had prayed over Man Cub and dedicated him right back to Jesus the night he was born, it was so special to stand in front of all those who love us so deeply.  It's vital for us to remember that this little boy belongs to the Lord and is on loan to us from Him.
We dedicated the altar flowers to God's glory for our 5th anniversary and Man Cub's birth.  They added calla lilies for me just like our wedding. 

After church, we had all the family and a few dear friends over for lunch.  Mom and Nanny made us quite the feast.  David even made us a Coke-a-Cola cake!  I did a horrible job taking photos during lunch, but I have a newborn!!

We so appreciate all the love we've been shown lately!

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