Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Today, these two love birds celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss! Aren't they just the best?  I love my grandparents!

Today is also our 5th anniversary.  I cannot even begin to fathom that this was 5 years ago.  Some days it feels like yesterday, and other days I can't remember not being married to this dreamy man.

These 5 years have been such as joy as God has led us closer to Him as we learn what it means to truly serve Him and others.  He's breaking us free of ourselves constantly and teaching us how to be His hands and feet.  The Lord keeps giving us what we don't even realize we want and keeping us from the things that would ultimately steal joy.  Then there's the very cliche but completely true fact that I've fallen in love with Isaac all over again watching him with our son.  Just amazing. 

The four of us in March on our early anniversary cruise:

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