Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dear Friends,
Many of you know that between 1996 and1998, my family had four Zambian boys living with us who ended up being the victims of human trafficking (modern day slavery). While U.S. law did not help us at the time, anti-trafficking laws have been put into place, and 3 of our 4 brothers are happily back in the U.S. through the help of human trafficking victims’ visas. We have stayed in touch, and my multi-cultural family is a huge blessing. This is a story that I am learning to be comfortable sharing, as I know trafficking has only worsened in the past 12 years. Please feel free to ask me to share the entire story with you. God worked in mighty ways to keep our boys safe, and I would love to brag on Him at length.
When my brothers were forced to leave in the Spring of 1998, I naively promised them I’d come to Zambia someday to teach school. I have never forgotten that promise, and have prayed consistently since that time for God to open doors for me to travel to Zambia when He was ready for me to go.
Through friends in the Dallas area, I was put in contact with House of Moses, part of the orphanage and school system set up by Alliance for Children Everywhere ( They are in desperate need of volunteers for the month of July. After lots of face-in-the-floor prayer about a last minute trip, I know that God has opened the doors for me to travel to Zambia to keep a promise I made 12 years ago. My travel dates are June 26th-July 12th.
I will be staying in the volunteer dorm at House of Moses and assisting the teachers in the grade schools most days. I will also be rocking babies, playing, singing, and most importantly of all, sharing Christ with children who desperately need to know they are not a mistake, but greatly loved by a Daddy God who created them for a purpose and longs for them to know Him. House of Moses will provide all of my meals and transportation around the capital city of Lusaka. If free time allows, I’ll be traveling into the suburb of Kalinglinga to visit with my brothers who are still in Zambia.
While I have been saving for several months so that money wouldn’t be much of an issue when God decided it was time for me to go, I still lack $1,000. I have never had God not provide when it was His will to do so, so please pray that God will help me find the money I need to complete payments on this trip by the June 1st deadline as I continue to be faithful in my tithes and the giving of my time to His glory. I have learned the value of a penny saved in the past several months! Also, pray my passport with my married name arrives in time!
Please also pray for endurance as I know my two weeks will be a whirlwind as I take in the sights and sounds that were home to my brothers in their childhood. As much as I’m trying to prepare myself for what I’ll see, I know it won’t hit me just how different Zambia is to home until I arrive. One of my greatest gifts is also a weakness: I love quickly and deeply, so please pray that God allows me to let go when it’s time to come home and returned more intone with His heart for the nations.
Mostly, pray for the children and adults I will be working with. Pray they have open hearts to the Gospel, that I am able to be used by the Lord to meet some of the physical and emotional needs, and that my will doesn’t hinder the work God wants me to complete during my stay.
Pray for Isaac as he will be traveling with work much of the time I’m gone.
Thank you for your love and support. With out the encouragement and prayers of my friends and family, I know I wouldn’t be the woman I am.
Until the whole world hears,

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