Friday, November 6, 2015

A Snowy Little Getaway

The hubby and I decided a few weeks ago that it was time for a getaway from home.  We've had a night here and there away from Man Cub and the pups, but never anything long enough to truly play and have a full length conversation that went uninterrupted.  With the baby still nursing, it meant pulling back out the pump, but getting away is so worth it!!!

Southwest flights were our only limit as we had some free tickets to use.  I began searching for great hotels, and found another Groupon for the same hotel we stayed at in Vail three years ago.  We talked about it, and decided we wanted another mountain getaway.  We love hiking and horseback riding, and wanted a chance to grab some cooler temps.  We never dreamed we'd find the weather that we did this early in the cold season, but lots and lots of snow was waiting for us!

Last night we flew up to Denver really, really late, and stayed in a hotel near the airport. The hotel at Aspen trees still in their golden glory.  Love!

This morning, we drove over to Vail. The further west we went, the more snow we saw on the ground.  It was gorgeous! We stopped in Silverthorne on our way to Vail for lunch at Blue Moon Bakery.  For the love of all the gluten free amazing bakery goodness you can fathom, get yourself there and enjoy the hot sandwiches, amazing coffees, and phenomenal goodies.  Yum!  On the way out of town, we swung across the Dillon Dam to see Lake Dillon in the snow.  Lake Dillon is a place we want to really explore some day.

Just before entering Vail, the snow fall turned from a light flurry to a full blown snow storm.  Visibility went to nil, and it was AMAZING.  This Texas girl was squealing just a bit.  After we checked in at the hotel, we crashed for a nap.  Two really bad nights of sleep had caught up to us.  The snow was still falling after we slept, so we threw on the snow gear and went out to Gore Creek to play!  There was more squealing and spinning in the snow, and lots of snow balls.  We might have even made a snow angel. The silence of falling snow always intrigues me.  We heard the softest sound as the snow settled and the ripple of the creek as it ran past us.  It's so peaceful, and a treat I don't take lightly.  Today's good gifts from our Father have thrilled me!

On our walk back to the hotel, Isaac's snow boots literally fell apart.  They had dry rotted!

A trip to Avon led us to a new pair of snow boots before we feasted at The Gashouse in Edwards for dinner.  We had incredibly tender quail, elk steaks, and bison steaks for dinner.  They were served with fresh veggie zoodles that were so tasty.  We love finding the restaurants that the locals frequent, and Gashouse is definitely one of those. On the drive home, I learned another reason I love being married to Isaac: he knows how to drive in snow and ice from growing up in Ohio.  There were some black ice patches on the interstate, and he handled it like a pro.  So thankful for a many who knows how to keep me safe in any situation!

Tomorrow is more fun in the snow, and we can't wait!


The Lady Okie said...

How fun! I love all the snow :) I've always been nervous to use Groupn for travel because I don't want to end up somewhere ghetto... But you've had good success?

The Lady Okie said...

Also. Question: what do you do with the milk you pump?

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