Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Mountain Ride

I was not made for this cold.  I don't know the last time I felt 10 degrees.  Still, there is no way I'm going to let the temperatures keep me from enjoying the goodness that is Colorado.  Layers, layers, and more layers, some sunscreen, and the sun that warmed us up made for a great day!

Today found us back at 4 Eagle Ranch for some horse time.  We had ridden there 3 years ago, and we were anxious to get back to enjoy their horses and their 1200 acres of roaming room.  4 Eagle is amazing to their horses.  Once their done with rides for the day and have been brushed down to their little horsie hearts' delight, they get to roam in huge pastures to munch and munch.  They're obviously comfy with each other in their home because it's not uncommon to see several of the lay down to snooze in the sun.  Horses only do that when they feel really safe!

Isaac had requested an advance ride for us so we wouldn't have to stay on any trails or keep to a walk.  Neither of us are experts, but we're certainly comfortable and can handle our own well on the average stead.  Thannie was our guide today.  By pure coincidence, I ended up riding Pepper again, and Isaac rode a sweet by named Fraidy.  Apparently he's terrified of the cattle that come up from the other side of the mesa.  That gave us a good laugh. 

We took off into the main pasture and worked out way to visit their Belgian draft horses and Percherons.  I love draft horses, and they were excited to have some visitors.

The local Ravens were everywhere, and as we worked our way toward the mesa, we found coyote, snow hare, and deer tracks.  Before the day was over, we found a golden eagle, a snow hare, elk, and deer.  Gorgeous.  It's crazy to me how we can travel 20 miles west from Vail and hardly see any snow.  We had so much snow in Vail yesterday, but where we rode hardly had any.  It was still so pretty though!

Thannie and her mom both work at 4 Eagle, and they were fabulous to us today.  Thannie took so many pictures for us and made sure we had plenty of opportunities to take off and explore.  It was an incredible day.

For lunch, we headed to Smiling Moose Deli for soup and warm sandwiches.  We had found a Groupon for Crazy Mountain Brewery, so we went there next.  I wasn't a fan of most of the selections in the flight, but I did like the one made with blueberry tea.  Figures.

After all of that, it was time for a catnap before heading into Vail to explore and find Moe's Original BBQ for dinner.  Some Bama boys opened it awhile back, and everyone in there was cheering for Bama tonight.  We just laughed and laughed.  They did beat LSU, but I think the fans were more entertaining than the game.  I love Colorado...dogs are allowed in the restaurants, or at least some of them.  We got some great love from a bull mastiff/pit mix.  He was precious.  And well made pulled pork hit the spot.  We don't get that in Texas. 

We had some amazing star gazing tonight.  We don't get that in Houston either.  And sometimes, you just have to pretend to attack your abominable snowman hubby with a ridiculously large icicle because those don't happen in Houston either.  Please oh please don't make me go home!

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